Footbag Tricks - 2 Add
(31 Tricks)
Around The World Toe-Same In/Out(DEX)-Same Toe(DEL)
Set the bag as though performing Around the World Kick, perform the dexterity, but instead of kicking the bag, cushion it into a Toe Delay. The set shouldn't be above Thigh height.
Bubba Clip -Op Out(DEX)-Op Toe(DEL)
Clipper set, then plant the setting leg quickly and hop off the support leg, performing an out-in dexterity. Jump off the setting leg and plant the dexterity leg, delaying the bag on the initial setting toe.
Clipper Delay Clip(XBD)(DEL)
Set about waist height, hop onto your support leg into position while bringing your other leg into a crossbody position. Bring your foot down with the bag to cushion it's fall, and delay the bag. Keep your ankle cranked, and for a decent set, don't hold it down for too long. Bring your foot up, and the force of your leg stopping should set the bag up straight.
Cloud Delay Calf Delay(UNS)(DEL)
Set about waist height and bring your foot up as per outside kick, but with the bag too close to your body, bend at the knee to absorb the bag on your calf. This move is hard to get accurately, but it looks cool. Dismount using Refraction or osis, or just drop into a flying clipper.
Double Spin Between Contacts SpinX2(BOD)(BOD)
Set the bag nice and high, do one quick spin, then, keeping your eye on the bag, spin until you lose sight of it, whip your head around and spot the bag, then complete the spin.
Drag Dragon-Rake(DEX)-Outside(DEL)
From Dragon (2), spin away from the delay foot into an outside delay. The motion should be less of a spin and more of a rake, moving your delay foot as opposed to the rest of your body. If you spin too quickly, you may end up performing a spinning outside instead of a Drag.
Dragon Crossbody Outside Delay(XBD)(DEL)
With your foot in an outside kick position, wrap it behind your support leg into a crossbody position, keeping your foot in the outside kick position. Perform a clipper delay in this position by slightly bending the support leg at the knee and catching the bag on the outside of your foot. Perform a Drag to dismount.
Dragonfly Kick Set-Jump(BOD)-Op In(DEX)-Op Inside Kick
Set the bag just below waist height, and at the peak of the set, jump off one leg and perform an in-out dexterity, while jumping off your support leg. In midair, kick the bag with the inside surface of your initial support foot.
Fairy Toe-Same Out(DEX)-Op Toe(DEL)
To do a fairy, you must be able to perform an out-in dexterity quite quickly. Set about waist height, and before the set reaches it's peak, perform an out-in dexterity very quickly with your setting foot. As your leg comes around, hop off your support leg, and plant your dexterity leg, delaying the bag on your initial support foot.
Flapper Crossbody Sole Kick(XBD)(UNS)
Put your foot in a clipper position, then point your knee down. This should point the sole of your foot upwards, in a cross-body position. Bring your foot into this position with enough speed to hit the bag upwards, but you must hit it accurately, or it will not go straight up.
Flying Clipper Jump(BOD)-Clipper Kick(XBD)
Set the bag about chest height, and without planting the setting foot, jump off your support leg and bring it into crossbody position for a clipper in mid-air, landing on either foot. Again, you must be accurate for a straight hit.
Guay Set-Op In(DEX)-Same Inside(DEL)
Set the bag quite low and plant the setting foot as quickly as possible. Peform an in-out dexterity with the other leg and bring the same foot underneath the bag for an inside delay. From toe, it's possible to start the dexterity before planting the setting foot, but you must keep your leg close to your body to avoid hitting the bag on your way around.
Heel Delay
Delay on heel(DEL)(UNS)
Set as though doing a heel kick, but instead of bringing your foot up to meet the bag, bring it up higher than usual, and come down with the bag, delaying it.
Hopover Inside Delay(DEL)-Op Out(BOD)
Execute an inside delay and, holding it close to the ground, hop over your foot with your support leg. It helps to throw your arms up as you jump, which can give you extra height. Take care not to move the delay foot, or the bag will fall off.
Toe-Op Out(DEX)-Op Toe(DEL)
Set just below waist height and jump off your support leg as you come down from the set. Perform an out-in dexterity with your initial support leg and plant it as quickly as possible, delaying the bag with the setting foot.
Knee Clipper Jump(BOD)-Crossbody Knee kick(XBD)
Put your foot in a high inside kick position and, jumping up, kick the bag with the knee of the other foot, which should be crossed under the inside kick foot. Land on the contacting leg, not on the inside kick foot, or you could risk injury. With enough practice you can avoid these circumstances when they occur.
Legover Set-Op Out(DEX)-Same Toe(DEL)
Set quite low and jump off your support leg as your setting leg begins descent. Perform an out-in dexterity with the initial support leg, and bring the toe underneath the bag for a delay. The earlier you begin the dexterity, the easier this move becomes.
Mirage Set-Op In(DEX)-Op Toe(DEL)
Set the bag at roughly knee-height. Plant the setting foot right away and quickly perform an in-out dexterity with the opposite leg. About halfway through the dexterity, hop off the support leg and bring it up to delay. With practice, the set doesn't have to be very high at all, which can save time in tournament settings. This is why Blur(4) is such a versatile move.
Pendulum Toe(DEL)-Back Rake(DEX)
Delay the bag on your toe and, without hesitating or bending your leg, swing your leg backwards and flick your ankle at the last possible second. With luck, this should send the bag over your head and back in front of you for the next trick.
Pickup Set-Op In(DEX)-Same Toe(DEL)
Just like a Guay(2), set the bag at about waist height and plant the setting leg as soon as possible. Perform an in-out dexterity with the opposite leg, and bring the same toe into position for a delay. From toe, you can begin the dexterity before planting the setting leg, but you must keep your foot close to your body to avoid kicking the bag on your way around.
Pincher Back Of Knee Delay(DEL)(UNS)
Set the bag just above waist height and spin as though doing a heel kick, keeping as close to the bag as you can. As the bag comes down, bend at the knee creating a pocket to catch the bag, and catch it in the back of your knee. To dislodge, bring your knee forward and up swiftly, doing half of a dexterity (Either way). this should set the bag slightly upwards, and allow for another trick.
Pixie Toe-Same In(DEX)-Op Toe(DEL)
Set the bag just above waist height, but very quickly perform an in-out dexterity with the same leg as the bag is on it's way up. Plant this leg as soon as possible, and bring the other up to delay the bag.
Plop Pinch-Same Heel(DEL)(UNS)
From a pincher, slowly release your grip on the bag, dropping it down your calf. Point your toes down, and bend at the knee slightly to cushion the bag as you delay it on your heel surface.
Probe Shoulder-Op Side Clip(XBD)(DEL)
From a shoulder catch, shift the bag using your shoulder so that it falls behind your back and travels to the other side of your body. Perform a clipper delay on this side of your body. This delay is done blindly, adding to the difficulty of the trick.
Rake Toe(DEL)-Front Rake(DEX)
Usually done in conjunction with a spin, set the bag not too high and bend at the knee as though performing a sole kick, but facing the bag. As the bag comes down, steadily bring your foot down and forward, catching the bag and carrying it forward and upwards. It's difficult to do this move smoothly, but spinning into it helps.
Reverse Guay Set-Op Out(DEX)-Same Inside(DEL)
Start performing a legover(2), but instead of delaying the bag on your toe, point your knee outwards, pointing your inside surface upwards. Cushion the bag on this surface and be sure not to undershoot, as you need a slightly higher set to make it all the way around the bag.
Sludge Pinch-Op Out(DEX)-Op Toe(DEL)
From a pincher, do an in-out dexterity dismount. Plant the pincher leg as fast as possible, and perform an out-in dexterity with the other leg. Plant this leg as soon as possible, subsequently hopping off the support leg for a toe delay. To avoid leg collisions, point the inside surface of your foot upwards when performing the illusion.
Sole Delay Sole Delay(UNS)(DEL)
Set just above waist height and spin as though doing a sole kick. Bend at the knee bringing your sole upwards, and as the bag meets it, bend the knee of your support leg to cushion the fall of the bag and delay it.
Thread The Needle Hopover holding foot with opposite hand(BOD)(DEL)
See Hopover(2). Perform an inside delay, and hold your foot with your hand on the opposite side of your body. Perform a hopover through the hole made by your upper body. Don't hold your foot too tight, or you'll risk nasty injury.
X-Body Pincher
Pinch delay from crossbody(XBD)(UNS)
Put your foot in position for a Flapper(2), but instead of kicking the bag, let it drop into the pocket made at the back of your knee. Dislodge just like a normal pincher.
X-Grab Thread The Needle Thread the needle with same hand(BOD)(DEL)
A very dangerous move without hopover practice. Execute an inside delay and hold this foot with the hand on the same side of your body. Execute a hopover(2) through the hole made by your leg and arm. This hole is much smaller than in a regular Thread the Needle(2), so you must be very careful. If you hold your foot loosely, you don't face very much danger, but I suggest trying this move on grass the first couple of times.

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