A Little Fun
I was just messing around at my aunts house with my 18 year old cousins. Well one of them does a jester and it goes over my head. I do a 180 and fall, but some how manage to hack it over my head. After a while they gave me a perfect serve and i get 27 hacks, beating my old record of 24. Now I'm only 14, so of course they're impressed

One time me and my friend went on a trip for a week and had no sack. so we got some rice at the local food store and a pair of old socks. my mo cut the socks, filed em with rice, and sewed them up. we hacked with em all week, and i even pulled a move where i hit it with the outside of my right foot and it came back in front of me where i hit it with the inside of my right foot. it was the most awesome move, especially since we were in a small cabin. and playing with socks.

So me and a couple of friends were in weight training one morning, really bored, so of course we decided to get a hacky sack out. And of course my friends are really dumb so they start kicking it really high. So of course someone kicks it and it goes and gets stuck on top of the concession stand in our concourse. So that was the end of it cause it was a good 15 ft up and quite unreachable. So the next day rolls around and noone brought a new sack so we decided to go for the other one. First one of my friends had to climb up and door and stand up on top of it, while he did that i brought up and nice bench and stood on it and had to push him up (140 lbs of weight on my hands while i was on my tiptoes not very fun) but he finally grabbed on and pulled himself up and so to our luck there were multiple hacky sacks, so he jumped back down on my hands and got down. So we came out with plenty of sacks to spare. I guess the moral of this story is that if a sack gets kicked out of reach find a way to reach it you never know what else might be there.

Smoke Alarm
Me and a few friends were playing around with my hackey sack at school. It was raining, so we decided to go footbag inside. We were doing good, but I kicked it too hard and too high. It went up, and knocked down a smoke alarm. This thing was busted. I pulled out a bench, and tried to screw it back on, it didn’t work. Then my biology teacher came out of a door in the hallway and was like “what are you doing with a smoke alarm?" I said I had hit it down with my hackey sack. And this dude had already taken it away from me in class before. Surprisingly, he was like "cale, run." I was all "what should I do?" he was totally cool, and said “don’t worry about it, I’ll cover for you.” it was awesome! Later that day in my geometry class, the intercom came on and said “please disregard the following fire alarm; we're testing the school's smoke alarm." I knew I had busted it!

Last week me and some friends were in journalism class, which is pointless because we never do anything. so me and one of my friends decided to be rebels and skip class to hack. We were playing out in the hall when our teacher came out and laid some papers on the ground and told us that we could hack but to make sure that no one stepped on or messed up the papers. We couldn't pass up a deal like that so we started hackin just doin the normal routine, playin number and stuff like that. For some odd reason we decided to play some long hack because we were in a long hallway. After about 5 failed attempts of this i managed to get a clipper back across the hall to him, he went back to kick it and when he did, the ball wasn't the only thing to go flying through the air. His shoe flew off and went right through the ceiling and down came the ceiling tile. I didn't stay to find out what was going to happen, i hauled ass back to class while he went the rest of the class with one shoe.

Head Stall
A while back me and some of the usual friends were hackin outside a local taco bell. We were pullin off some amizing stuff, like we'd all do al kinds of stalls and clippers. We had had this single hack going for about 10 minutes when i jumped up to flying clipper it kicked it up on top of the roof. Bobby didn't see where it went so he turns around and starts lookin for it when it rolls down off the roof and lands on his head to do a perfect stall. Me and tyler start laughing real hard, and bobby still hadn't realized that it was on his head. it took hime about 2 minutes to figure it out. so he drops it back off his hat to start hackin it again, he completely misses it.

"On the roof again"
This is a tribute to one of my favorite footbags. It was a "sleeze bag" and as usual my freind was seeing how high he could kick it (idiot). Well he got it ontop of a building and said the famos line "It's not a big deal I'll pay you back" but of course he never did. The point is there's more to a hackysack than money so be careful who you play with.

Best Hit Ever
OK, I'm on a trip with my latin class in Italy, and we've got some free time, so me and my buddy Ying start hacking right outside the Pantheon with these two random dudes from Colorado (we're from Texas). Anyway, one of the dudes starts to lose it and pops it up, but it goes not so much up as forward and up, and before i knew what was happening, i pulled this incredible move that involved jumping backward onto my hands into a back-wards moving handstand. Somehow my foot actually kicked the hack back into the circle and Ying saved it. My hands were a tad bloody, but it was so worth it. Best save of my life. I think it's also worth mentioning that Ying and I made it to point to hack in every historical place we were, including the Pompeiian amphitheatre, the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel (only 2 hits total, a quick hack.

The Chrysler
I was sitting with my friends and we decided to play some hack. we picked one out of my collection and we went outside in the sorching sun. This is minnesota so a really hot day is reallly rare. well anyway we were playing pig, it was my turn and i had about a fifteen going when my hack falls off my foot. unfortunately my mom was backing out with the chrysler at the same time. she ended up running over it and the dirt fell out. my mom said she was sorry and booght me another one to replace the old and tattered one.

The Lamp and my Sis
so i was hacking in the house and my 2 year old sister comes in and she wants to play wiith me. of course with her face i can't say no. so i toss it to her and her being 2 she kicked it into the lamp that was barely taller than me and it lit on fire so we put it out and and i had to buy a new footbag

School Sucks
On Top of having no food where we play at Fruita Monument High School, (Fruita, Colorado) there is a lot of hack restriction. we can't play under the fire alarms because the hack sets them off (god knows why) and we can't pull anything massive. So one day, in a massively daredevil mood go for a juditsu crazy ass high kick, sending the hack and my shoe right through the ceiling of the school. In recovery of the hack, i found another hack from someother century i'm sure. Fun, but in the aftermath, i got caught with the school cameras and busted big time.

Hacky Sack, and the History teacher who hates it
So my friends and I have been playing hacky sack since the first day of school this year. Everyday we all get in a circle and hack. My history teacher found out about us and thinks we're all strange. We have made a name up for our group now. We are "The Hacky Sack Coalition". And we have recently been invaded upon by a group of 7th graders. They come into OUR terriotory and hack. We'll show them, The Hacky Sack Coalition will always be better than them. We know more tricks, and we're more experienced.

It was another excruciating day at Hickville, Usa, (Yreka, California) we had a good circle of about 5 or 6. The hack went sky high, I called it and quickly jumped into action, I went for a sky hack but my shoe was too loose and was sent flying straight across the circle into Drew's face with the heel. He was alright and no damage was done he only had tears due to the heel of my shoe crushing his nose.

Through the window
One day my classmates and I were hacking in the classroom, which is on the third floor. Suddenly one of my classmates kicked the footbag too strong and it flew through the window. Unfortunately I was the first one who looked through the window and saw our history teacher, looking up and shouting: "Who threw it? I want to know who threw that “drug-addict-ball” at me!" Of course he saw me, so after that I had some serious problems with him and my parents:)…

18 Wheeler
I was touring through eastern Europe shortly after buying my first footbag (a Dirt Bag). Among my group were about 4-5 others who started kicking with me in our spare time and we started really enjoying it. None of us were any good,but we had a great time. Late one evening while waiting for the bus to come and pick us up, we started a circle near the city square of a very small town and as the sun began to sink under the horizon someone in the group punted a high kick over my head and into the street. Without thinking I made to reach out and pick up the bag and just as I was reaching a large truck and trailer hauling coal roared past me on the street and came within inches of crushing not only my new bag but my hand and head as well. I still have that dirt bag and still use it, but I am thinking of retiring it soon and keeping it as a reminder of that trip and my first enjoyment of footbag.

Me and a friend start playing in the foyer after 5th period and there are high ceilings and lights hanging down, so me and my friend start playing and I go to save it after my friend hits it wrong and I hit it really high up and it lands on one of the lights, I take off my sandal and throw it up to get it down, first try I get my sandal stuck, so I take off my other sandal, a few tries then I get that one stuck, I take off my shirt and throw that up there and its gets stuck too, for the rest of the day I had no shirt and no shoes and when I came back to try and get all my stuff down it's all magically gone.

My hack circle and I were hacking at lunch doing usual moves like super jesters or chest to back stalls, or just plain old "who can do the most" when some punk comes up to us and asks to play. We’re like sure, cuz we love new peeps, but this guy got annoying quick. He was one of those punks that thought he knew how to hack but didn't and made fun of us like he owned the place. He was doing sketchy crud like stalling it on his back and doing pushups for a while. He’d also do fruity things like steal the hack from sum1 else. After a while, I told him to get a life and he laughed like I was joking. Then he punched me and kept laughing like a goat. Needless to say, we jumped him. Punk

Don't hack with strangers
One day I was at the foot ball park not to far from my house at my brothers football game.I was board so I thought I would play some footbag.I was playing and some guy came up and asked if they could play .So I said sure I passed it he missed so he picked it up and thru it in the woods I never found it.

Ferry Hacking
A couple of days ago I was on a trip up to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan for a family reunion which was being held on an island
called Drumond Island. It's a cool island, but any way, to get to the island you have to take a ferry across the water. You have to drive your car onto it. When we were leaving the island the ferry was only half full of cars so there was a pretty open space. Me and my brother in-law thought it would be cool to hack there. While doing so I tried to save a bad hack, but in doing so I messed up and kicked it over the edge. I was mad. But life goes on, I know I wont be hacking on any boats ever again.
Russ Mock

It was a free gym period and as usual, I was hacking with my friend, Raj. Heres the problem, there are a lot of losers in our gym
class, so naturally they all start trying to hack, and start messing up the circle. (Cuz they cant hack for their life) So, one of them managed to get the sack stuck 10ft above his head on the rafters of the gym. Raj was pretty po'ed at them, so whoever the genius was who got it stuck decided to throw his shoe up to knock the sack loose. Well guess what, he got his shoe stuck! And the icing on the cake.... To get his shoe back, he used his other shoe. And once again, stuck! What a genius. Finally they got out a volleyball and recovered all three items. That was hilarious to watch.

One Year Before Columbus
I had gotten acquainted with hacky sack during my freshmen year and I was hacking after school one day. During this time, a friend and I had engaged in a friendly game of competition to see who could get the highest amount of consecutive kicks. His record was 604 kicks and I'm not lying. So, it was very cloudy that day and rain was almost imminent. I started and I kept going. Including some stalls to recover from leg cramps, I hacked for 35 minutes straight and it drizzled twice to get a final number of 1,491 kicks!!! I was so astounded and exhausted afterwards. I told my friend at school the next day and he just gave up the competition and deemed me the best. Today, I still amaze my classmates with my flawless skills.
Steve Perno

Flat on my back
One time me and a bunch of my friends were going to play basketball at my cousin's school. While we were waiting for the other guys I decided to pull out my sack and hack with the circle. Mind u it was cold and rainy out, anyway after serving it to somon else, the hack came my way. I toe kicked it up really high and I kicked it sooo hard that when my kick leg came up the support leg came up with it!! And u guessed it. I fell flat on my back. All my friends just burst out into laughter, they offered to help me up but I was too hurt and too embarrassed!!!!
Ryan Byrd

Sky High Hack
I was playing at school with my club mates (The UW-Sheboygan Shredding Wombats) and as usual, when I was losing control I booted the sack. We chose the spot to hack because the ceiling was really high. But low and behold, I kicked it exactly high enough for it to land on the roof. Oh well, the school funds our club so I have practically unlimited money to buy new footbags! HAHA!
Adam Deehr

Magical Day
When I started to hack being a freshman at high school it was hard to get a spot to play. But my friend and I became good at it and we earned our spot. So we brought some other freshman with us to sack and the other members of the school must have thought that we were so good that they joined. We kept on going for about a half and hour and then some one kicked the sack into the ceiling and it would not come down. We managed to get another and someone then kicked that one to the ceiling, however it hit the one that we already lost up there and it came down along with the other on we lost. I still never believe that could have happened.
-ant "the shredder"

One day me and my pals were hacking outside our school, ya know. And where doin all cool tricks and all, while playing we got a big
crowd around us and we kept playing. Most people left after a while and the principle told us to go home (its like 6:00) and we said ok but, one more game. so he said only one more game. so we're playin intense and i start a paradox torque but i messed up and tried to save it . so when i kicked it it went strait to the back of the principles head. I got dtention for 2 weeks and they baned hack sacks. 'cause o' this my "friends" beat me up. In other words when the principle says go home, DO IT!

Watch Out For Fans
One time me and 3 of my buds were hackin in a circle. We were underneath this canvas-roof type covering, with ceiling fans hanging down from it. Well the sack got kicked out of the circle, and I lept over to save it. I usually give it a swift toe kick to send it flying high back to the circle, but this time the ceiling fan decided to intervene. It spanked the sack right back into my face. Somehow I kept it alive, but upon the return kick, it hit another ceiling fan and smacked right into my friend's head. We had to stop because we were laughing so hard.

Kicked in the face!
Everyone was outside during lunch on the big sidewalk area in front of the auditorium lobby, we had a moderate circle of about 7. A less experienced kicker sends my sack soaring straight up. And I mean straight up, no wind, perfect contact, only, a little too much contact I'd say. I'm the star of the group and usually when I step in or jump or get poised as the hack falls people get out of my way. This was no big deal, I saw it as it was coming sorta my way so I was going to duck in a little and snag the ever-popular neck stall. Just as I duck in, if I was at 6 O' clock in the circle the guy at 3 was having the same ideas I was, except he wanted to pop it back to the sky with a fully involved toe kick. His whole leg flies up just as my head snaps down and as the hack meets my neck his foot meets my nose. The sack was forgotten, I was a bit ticked right when it happened and kicked the guy in the leg and went off on him about how he always invades other people's space and steals the bag and all (which he does to this day). Me and him are good friends, so after some apologies on both sides all was well. My nose? All was well there too. It bled for about 10 minutes, but stopped soon enough. I contented myself with making a puddle of blood on the sidewalk while he got some papertowels. LOTS of people looked at my nose that day and everyone said it didn't look broken so that was nice. I'll never duck into the middle of a circle again though without saying "I got it."
-Brett Ables

In Your Face!!
One day during lunch I was hacky sacking with some of my older friends. Eventually this other kid came over and asked me if I was a freshman, and Ii told him "yeah." He immediately started talking crap about me for no reason as we all hacked. I stopped at one point, stalled the hack on my right foot, flung it up a little, brought my foot back... and kicked my beautiful hack at his ugly face. He got mad at me, threatened me, but when I showed him Ii wasn't scared of him, he left without doing anything but giving himself a bad reputation of a junior backing down from a freshman.
-Steven Vinces

Next time your doing great and someone messes it up, hurt them.
Me and my friends Henry, Geoff, Sez, and Erick were all playing hacky sack for like an hour after school. Well I was doing great , knocking jesters with stalls, 20 hit combos like it was nothing. So we kept playing and a couple more people jumped in and we started with my friends 62 panel sack (which is real nice) and I started, I got 3 stalls, 15 or 16 hits in a row, and jestered it to Henry. He did his stuff and passed it. It went on like this for 5 minutes. And then Geoff gets it and just drops it. So we made him stand against the wall and all pegged him over and over until he screamed he was the worst and we were the best. Next time you doing great and someone messes it up, hurt them. lol

Some of my friends and I were playing in a small circle. We had a really good game going. But then one of my friends reached out to save a long shot, his knee jerked and he kicked it on the roof of my school. Even though the school is only about 13 ft high we couldn't find a way up. Then as we were walking away we noticed some kinda electric box and tried to climb it. Eventually I got up there and found my footbag. I quickly got both of them and climbed back down. Then after all that work about three minutes later the same person who kicked it on the roof some how got it to go down the skinny storm drain. I was so mad, but the next day my friend gave me a brand new dirtbag just like my old one.
-Andrew Kinsey

One day me and my brother were hackin outside the library, and I kicked it realy hard trying to make a save. Knowing my luck it went striaght on to the roof. It's my favorite hacky sack, so I just had to get it back. I was looking around then I saw a pole that went up to a platform that was connected to the roof, so I had to shimmy up it to get my beloved hacky down.
-Shane Chaney

We were playing hack at the school and we had it going for about 15 min. without dropping it and all of a sudden someone kicks it onto a foot and a half wide shelf to a coffee stand we have at the school but it’s closed off by a sliding metal door. I figured, lets try to keep it going so I jumped on to the shelf, but I went to high and to far towards the door and hit my head right on the metal thing, fell back and landed on my butt. So some one just picked it up and we started again (I would of tried it again but the teacher grabbed me and told me, no)
-Gary Morrison

John's Meltdown
We were playing in a lobby with a couple ceiling lamps about 15 feet up. One of my friends went for a long reach, and kicked it with his toe straight into the lamp! It would have been fine except for the fact that the light was on. :( When we got it out, this is how it looked.
-John W.

The Popularity of Footbag
it was a warm sunny day in Prague, and me and my Russell mates had recently arrived in the magical center of europe and were aching to do some kicking...we hopped on the subway and went into the heart of Prague...we found a large stage erected in one of the main squares...when I mean main squares, I mean big square...we started our circle in a crowded area, knowing well that we would have space in no time...and we did...and the music raged on...an upbeat folky, rocky kind of thing...good for jammin...we quickly had a large crowd watching us, and as we warmed up we started to bust the phat stuff...soon we hada huge crowd, and the band had lost half their viewing audience...some people bought refreshments and actually sat for as long as 1-2 hours to watch us...it was a magical footbag day...
-Jeremy K.

School Injuries
This one time me and my buddies were hackin in our school lobby. Everthing was going good until I missed a hit and broke my ankle. Man it was embrassing and it hurt so bad.
-Oliver Lesniak

Footbag Fishing
I was playing footbag outside of my 2 1/2 story apt. I pulled off the sweetest jester in the world but kicked my footbag up on the roof. I was mad! Well I really love my SANDBLASTER so I decided to duct tape a couple of broomsticks together and smack it off the roof.....it didnt work! After about 20 failed attempts with assorted objects I was ready to give up until I figured I would try with my fishing pole. I was only gonna try once then give up but amazingly from the other side of the courtyard, I cast it and when I reeled it in my bag was hooked by just one thread. The amazing thing is my footbag is sand-filled and if it were hooked through the fabric all the sand would of come out.
-Mark Keane

The Hole
Well this one happened when I was at Warped Tour 2001 at Asbury Park NJ. It was a pretty hot day and I really didnt feel like waiting 2 hours to get in line so I had a pretty good idea to take out my sac and kick it around when I was walking to the back of the line, I was hoping someone who loved footbag as much as me would see it and invite me to stand in front of them.....it worked! I was playing an amazing of footbag with these awesome dropkick murphy fans. well it took 10 mins to get in and I was ready to play some more so I started a circle. After about 2 1/2 hours of nonstop hackey sac one of these idiots kicks my footbag into a 35 foot hole in the ground. I gathered all the punk rock wallet chains I could and stuck a safety pin on the end. after about 45 mins of trying I was lucky enough to get my beloved sandblaster back.
-Mark Keane

The Crime
We were playing and I ran about 10 feet away to save the footbag, I kicked it hard with my toe twice. It went real high both times. The second time my right shoe came off! I managed to get it under control with no shoe and pass it back to the circle. Considering the situation it was a perfect pass - right in front of the guy - and he drops it! I fell to my knees and screamed,"It's a crime to drop the sack after that!"
-Tommy Souza